April 30, 2024
Ready for mandatory climate reporting?

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Swiss companies must adopt new mandatory disclosure requirements by 2025. Join us for the Swiss Climate Reporting Forum 2024 (SCRF), co-organised by CelsiusPro and Pelt8, sponsored by SIX and operated by GreenBuzz Zurich.

CelsiusPro focus session 1 (10:50 - 12:00)
Climate Risk Management: Identify and Assess the Financial Impact of Climate Risk

Join CelsiusPro experts, panellists, and participants in this upcoming session to discuss methods for identifying, quantifying, and prioritising climate-related risks that may affect the financial stability of organisations. The conversation will cover both physical and transition risks and will explore both global and Swiss perspectives.

Confirmed speakers:
Andreas Hösli, Walder Wyss
Samuel Brown CelsiusPro
Lennart Rogenhofer, Losinger Marazzi
Aino Hacklin, Large Swiss Bank
Adrian Kyburz, Novartis

CelsiusPro focus session 2 (14:00  - 15:10)
Strategic Climate Risk Management: Align Business Strategy with Climate Risk Insights 

This session aims to delve into the strategies organisations can employ to adapt to the effects of climate-related risks ensuring business continuity and a commitment to growth. The session will also focus on how Switzerland is positioned compared to other countries on this matter. 

Confirmed speakers:
Lennart Rogenhofer, Losinger Marazzi 
Joel Durand, CelsiusPro 
Rosa Sangiorgio, Pictet
Nicolas Schweigert, Bayer
Olivier Jaeggi, Ecofact 

Plenary panel discussions

Panel on Sustainable Future: Exploring Drivers Beyond Regulations
In this morning plenary, our guest speakers will discuss the bigger picture around sustainable transitions.

Ingrid Beutler - Co-Founder, Sustainable Mountain Alliance
Oliver Brunschwiler - Ex-CEO, Freitag / Chief Innovation Officer, BMP
Stephanie Feeney - Chief Growth Officer - Restor
Jonathan Normand - Founder and CEO, B-Lab Switzerland

Fireside Chat: Fighting Climate Change to Protect Climate Rights
An inspiring session to discover how individuals can take action and make an impact.

Elisabeth Stern - Climate Activist, KlimaSeniorinnen
Stephanie Feeney - Chief Growth Officer, Restor

Panel on Regulations: Navigating Switzerland & EU Regulations
The afternoon plenary will delve into the details for Swiss companies dealing with climate regulations.

Dr. Florian Hoos - Professor ESG accounting, IMD
Lana Ollier - Head Global Sustainability, Huber + Suhner
Gemma Sanchez-Danes - Leadership Team Sustainability Reporting, EFRAG
Peter Paul van de Wijs - Chief Policy Officer, Global Reporting Initiative

Additional focus sessions

Clear Governance & Strong Cultural Foundation as Key Success Factors of Your Sustainability Reporting Journey - Led by BearingPoint

A key success factor to establish a sustainability-oriented organization going beyond regulatory requirements is not only a robust governance and processes, but also the manifestation into the cultural foundation through proper change management. 

From Scope 3 Reporting to Stakeholder Engagement - Led by Pelt8

Within the framework of Scope 3, companies are required to gather data on business practices from their stakeholders, including suppliers, clients, or portfolio companies. During this session, experts will discuss and exchange ideas on how this data collection process can serve as an opportunity to influence and foster stronger stakeholder engagement.

Integrating Climate Reporting into Communication while Mitigating Legal Risks of Greenwashing - Led by FGS Global and Walder Wyss

Why it makes business sense to integrate economic, social and environmental topics into one communication strategy and how to avoid the main pitfalls of greenwashing.

Navigating the Decarbonization Journey: Building a Credible Net Zero Pathway - Led by KPMG

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, navigating the decarbonization journey is paramount. Swiss companies with global value chains face unique challenges and opportunities in their pursuit of net-zero emissions. This focus session explores the essential steps in building a credible pathway towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Sustainable Investment and Role of Finance from a Practical Lens - Led by S&P Global

This session will explore new regulatory solutions as useful indicators of sustainable investments and aggregated risk profiles, as well as assess the impacts of PCAF reporting and upcoming trends in sustainable finance.

Technology as an Enabler to Sustainability - Led by Pelt8

As regulations demand increasingly intricate disclosures, companies must develop in-house technological capabilities to support them on this journey. Join Pelt8 experts to explore and exchange insights on how digitalization can facilitate a more efficient sustainability transition.


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