We are a boutique climate risk InsurTech company making it easy for people to trust life and business can continue. With climate change.

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Founded in 2008, CelsiusPro is pioneering parametric insurance solutions to help its clients worldwide mitigate the effects of extreme weather and natural catastrophes. 

  • Listed on the 2022 InsurTech100, which recognizes the world's most innovative InsurTech companies

  • Listed on the 2021 InsurTech100, which recognizes the world's most innovative InsurTech companies

  • Recognized as a Top 10 InsurTech Company in Europe in 2018 by Insurance CIO Outlook magazine

  • Winner of the 2014 Australian Insurance Industry Awards (Innovation of the year)

  • Winner of the 2009 Swiss Insurance Innovation Award

Volcano Eruption, Guatemala, 2018

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Flooding, Eastern Australia, 2022

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Wildfire in Yakutia, Siberia 2021

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Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Policy


CelsiusPro is committed to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner that creates long-term value for society, clients, employees and shareholders. By embedding ESG into business strategy and decision-making, CelsiusPro creates value for its business by driving innovation, expanding our value proposition, and deepening relationships with stakeholders.

ESG at CelsiusPro

CelsiusPro is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by:

* Reducing its carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary business travel, minimizing energy consumption and digitization.

* Reducing waste by promoting waste reduction through reducing printouts, discouraging single-use goods and promoting sharing culture.

* Volunteering in the development of open-source software on weather and climate risks.

ESG at CelsiusPro

CelsiusPro is committed to promoting social well-being and human rights by:

* Upholding fair labour practices and working conditions for its employees including hybrid (remote) working, flexible working hours and part-time working

* Promoting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that values and respects all employees, regardless of their background, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation,

* Supporting social development through membership and volunteering in NGOs and foundations that promote sustainability, financial inclusion, climate resilience and social integrity.

* Participating in industry wide associations, forums and events to further promote means and tools to live with the effects of climate change.

ESG at CelsiusPro

CelsiusPro is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance by:

* Promoting open conversation, accountability, and fair working culture.

* Ensuring transparency and accountability in all its business operations.

* Upholding ethical business practices and integrity in all dealings with stakeholders.

ESG in business lines

Being a business that helps clients worldwide to mitigate the effects of extreme weather and natural catastrophes, the environmental dimension is embedded in its DNA.

* CelsiusPro is committed to serving corporates in the financial sector and the real economy to understand and mitigate climate risks.

* CelsiusPro helps clients understand their exposure to climate risks and develop strategies to manage these risks.

* CelsiusPro supports companies to identify and seize opportunities brought about by climate change.

* CelsiusPro is supporting markets to transition into a sustainable future by advising market participants how to disclose on climate-related financial risks.

ESG in business lines

The extensive work of CelsiusPro in ODA countries proves its commitment to the social cause.

* CelsiusPro recognizes climate change is a systemic issue, affecting all business sectors and geographies. It develops solutions for governments, financial institutions, farmers and micro small and medium size enterprises (MSME) from developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

* Nevertheless, some sectors of society are more exposed and vulnerable to climate change than others. The disaster risk finance team helps to develop financial instruments in order to strengthen the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities against environmental and financial shocks.

* CelsiusPro provides support to development organizations, NGOs, foundations, and philanthropic organizations to reach their social and development goals.

ESG in business lines

CelsiusPro endorses good governance through its parametric insurance products and TCFD reporting services.

* Transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity are the basis of parametric insurance, the promotion of which is the core business of CelsiusPro.

* Through its TCFD consulting and reporting services CelsiusPro helps companies to prepare reports and share transparently their climate risks according to the TCFD framework and also report their climate risk management practices.

ESG in business lines
Responsibilities and Enforcement

All employees are responsible for upholding CelsiusPro’s ESG policy and integrating ESG considerations into their daily work.

The ESG Committee, consisting of senior management representatives, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the ESG policy, monitoring progress, and reporting to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the ESG policy aligns with the company's overall strategy and objectives and for overseeing ESG-related risks and opportunities.

ESG in business lines
Communication and reporting

CelsiusPro is committed to implementing this ESG policy in all aspects internally and in its business and continuously improving its ESG performance. It will measure and transparently disclose its ESG performance, including our targets and progress to stakeholders.


CelsiusPro recognizes that ESG factors can impact the long-term success of our business and the well-being of our stakeholders. By adopting responsible business practices and helping our clients manage their climate risks, we aim to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and contribute to a more sustainable future.

What defines us


What lies ahead requires seeing simplicity in complexity.


Being honest and genuine is the only way we will cut through the challenges ahead.


Success is being bold enough to venture into the unknown and explore breakthrough ideas.


Being determined in head and heart to make the most of what the future holds.

Wildfire, Arizona, 2018

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Our people are the key to us elevating parametrics from fringe to centre stage in climate risk protection. As a team, we are self-reliant and adaptive, embracing uncertainty with a positive mindset. We believe that if we can imagine it, we can innovate it. Above all, we are passionate about understanding and sharing how climate risks impact the world.

Members of the Board
Thomas D. Meyer
Chairman of the Board

Thomas is a partner of BLR & Partners, a Swiss advisory and investment boutique with a group of seasoned professionals with complementary business backgrounds. Thomas was working for more than 30 years with Accenture and for 17 years as Managing Director and CEO Accenture Switzerland and Head of Accenture Digital Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia, as well as Insurance Industry Lead Europe, Africa and Latin America of the Accenture Group. Next to his engage­ment with CelsiusPro, he is currently the Chairman at Swisscontact, a Swiss based NGO active in international development work across some 40 countries, Member of the shareholder board of Apleona GmbH in Germany, and member of the board of several other companies and institutions in Switzerland. Thomas holds a Master of Business Admini­stration from the University of St. Gallen.

Mark Rüegg
CEO / Delegate of the Board

Mark founded CelsiusPro in 2008 with the view that climate change is a mega trend and affects the bottom line of companies and therefore new risk transfer products are pivotal. Mark was on the BoD of the Weather Risk Management Association (WRMA) 2012-2016. Mark has held various positions with Swiss Bank Cooperation and UBS in the area of FX, Rates and Collateral Trading as well as FX prime Brokerage Sales and trading platforms. Mark is a CFA Charter holder and has an MBA in Economics from the University of Rochester/Bern.

Dr. Stephan Hostettler
Member of the Board

Stephan is Managing Partner of his independent consulting firm, and has been active as an entrepreneur and consultant in Switzerland, the USA, Europe and other international markets since 2002. His consulting firm Hostettler&Company is specialized in implementing sustainable value-based corporate governance. Furthermore, Stefan is lecturer for Corporate Governance at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Prior to this, he worked in Switzerland for a major bank in the area of financial analysis and in the USA in consulting on corporate finance and corporate governance.

Gabriela Lippe-Holst
Member of the Board

Gabriela is serving as Executive Chairwoman of Acqupart Holding AG an international investment management company based in Switzerland. Prior to starting her own company Gabriela worked for Swiss Re Group for more than a decade and was appointed Managing Director. She is currently serving as Vice President of the board of the Latin America Chamber of commerce in Switzerland. Gabriela holds a master in Law from the University of Neuchâtel and an L.L.M in international business law with a published thesis on the Gulf Monetary Union from the University of Zurich. She is admitted to the Swiss bar and is a member of the International Association of Defense Counsel and an alumna of IMD Business School. She is also board member elect to the American Swiss Foundation in New York.

Maximilian von Finck
Member of the Board

Max has spent the past three decades investing across a range of private and public companies, with an emphasis in technology, natural resources, farming and real estate. He currently serves in Board and Advisory positions in companies based in the United States, Australia, South America, Germany and Switzerland.

Leadership Team
Igor Nussbaumer
COO / Chief of Operations

Igor Nussbaumer heads operations at CelsiusPro. He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and co-owns responsibility for the planning and implementation of business strategies and the establishment of policies and procedures promoting company vision and culture. His prior roles span finance, tech, biotech as well as platform-driven organisations. Prior work experience includes UBS, Coople Ltd. Yodoba Ltd., Favoris Ltd. As a consultant, he was specialized in turnaround management and re-organisation. He also co-founded two companies and one institution with the purpose of protecting the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. Over many years he has supported two institutions: A hospice in Malawi and a school in a township of Cape Town in South Africa. He holds a Master’s of Science Psychology from the Zurich University.

Jonathan Barratt
CEO CelsiusPro Australia Pty Ltd

Jonathan has been involved in the financial markets for the last 35 years having ob­tained experience in the Australian, London and Hong Kong markets. He holds an Economics Degree with Honours, and a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of New England as well as a Graduate Diploma of Corporate Law from the University of Sydney. Jonathan is a Fellow at FINSA, a Senior Associate with ANZIFF and a Certified Insurance Professional. Has a proficient knowledge in all aspects of OTC derivatives, foreign exchange, commodity futures and equities markets. He has been CEO of CelsiusPro Australia Pty Ltd. since 2012 with a focus on Agriculture.

Samuel Brown
Head of Climate Risk Insights and Solutions
Marco Ragaz
Head of Product Management
Joel Durand
Head of Business Development
Romain Lencou
Head of Software Engineering & Infrastructure

Volcano eruption, Popocatepetl, 2021

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CelsiusPro AG
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CelsiusPro Australia Pty Ltd
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Sydney NSW 2000

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Snowstorm, U.S. East Coast, 2022

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