Insurance Tech Solutions for
Climate Risks and Natural Catastrophes: CelsiusPro


We offer global insurance digitalization solutions for insurers with focus on weather, agro and parametric NatCat products. The offering includes: seamless front-to-back solutions from data sourcing, pricing, policy management and settlement to climate and NatCat monitoring tools and consulting.


We serve the entire spectrum of industries from insurers, reinsurers, governmental agencies and cooperatives to small and large corporations with risk management products based on measured or modelled parameters such as temperature, precipitation, vegetation indices, river flow, wind speed, crop yields or ground acceleration of an earthquake.


Founded in 2008, CelsiusPro is a Swiss Insurtech company that specializes in industrializing index insurance solutions to mitigate the effects of adverse weather, climate change and natural catastrophes. We aim to:

• increase resilience against NatCat and weather events,
• combine risk management with data science,
• simplify, digitalize and automate the risk management process.

Recognized as Top10 InsurTech Companies in Europe 2018 by Insurance CIO Outlook magazine
Winner of the 2014 Australian Insurance Industry Awards (Innovation of the year)

Winner of the 2009 Swiss Insurance Innovation Award