February 2, 2023
CelsiusPro embedded in Swiss InsurTech ecosystem
Swiss InsurTech Hub Logo

We are pleased to announce that CelsiusPro has become a member of the Swiss InsurTech Hub (SIH), a non-profit association whose mission is to build and grow the leading InsurTech Hub in Switzerland.

The insurance sector is a pillar of the Swiss economy, employing around 50,000 people and contributing CHF 2.1 billion in taxes per year. Some of Switzerland’s insurance companies (such as Swiss Life, Swiss Re, Zurich Insurance) were incorporated as far back as the 19th century and today rank amongst the world’s largest and most influential. The city and canton of Zurich, where CelsiusPro has its main offices, are recognized as a global insurance hub.

“With our headquarters based in Switzerland and our services offered to clients worldwide, we believe it is essential for CelsiusPro to actively participate in ongoing technological innovation within the InsurTech sector, thereby positively impacting society,” says CEO Mark Rueegg. “We recognize the importance for the industry to embrace digitalization across the globe, and we joined SIH to support companies in digital transformation.”

Switzerland ranks first, for the 12th consecutive year, on the Global Innovation Index 2022 published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). On the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2022, Switzerland ranks fifth overall. As the Swiss Federal Government prioritizes digital transformation and promotes science-based innovation, it aims to ensure that Switzerland will maintain its competitiveness in digitalization and innovation worldwide.

“Technological innovation is what drives us, and dialogue, collaboration and exchange are essential ingredients for sustained innovation and competitiveness,” adds Mark. “We highly appreciate being welcomed by SIH into its network encompassing industry, research, academia, and the public sector.”

“We’re excited to start a collaboration with CelsiusPro,” claims Silvia Signoretti, President of SIH.

“Innovation thrives in collaboration, and CelsiusPro's entrance into the Swiss InsurTech Hub marks another milestone in the continuous growth of the association reaching about a thousand members.”

“Founded in 2021,” adds Silvia, “the Swiss InsurTech Hub is a platform where InsurTechs and insurance companies are not seeing each other as competitors, but complementary partners in the industry's digital transformation agenda.”

With climate change further increasing the gap between poor and wealthy economies, CelsiusPro addresses the resulting challenges by offering innovative risk mitigation solutions through its parametric products, thereby enabling local economies in both mature and emerging markets to recover rapidly in the wake of natural disasters.

CelsiusPro looks forward to pushing thought leadership, innovation, and transformation within the InsurTech sector in collaboration with the SIH network.

For more information about Swiss InsurTech Hub, click here.