CelsiusPro AG

Zürich, 24. April 2020

In tiefster Trauer nehmen wir Abschied von

Dr. Stefan Lippe

der unerwartet mitten aus seinem Leben gerissen wurde. Wir trauern um Stefan als Präsident des Verwaltungsrates der CelsiusPro AG und als Freund. Stefan prägte die CelsiusPro AG als Verwaltungsrats Präsident massgeblich und erfolgreich mit strategischer Weitsicht, starker Führung und viel positiver Energie. Er hat uns mit seinem grossen Engagement, seiner Erfahrung und seinem ausgeprägten Sinn für Ethik sehr bereichert.

Seiner Frau, seinen Kindern und seiner Familie sprechen wir unser tief empfundenes Beileid aus und wünschen viel Kraft in diesen schwierigen Zeiten.

Wir werden Stefan stets in bester, dankbarer Erinnerung behalten.

Im Namen von CelsiusPro AG

Mark Rüegg




With grief we are taking farewell of

Dr. Stefan Lippe

unexpectedly passed away, way too early for us. We mourn for Stefan as Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as friend. As Chairman, Stefan successfully helped to shape CelsiusPro with sound strategic vision, strong leadership, and positive energy. His cheerfulness, dedication, experience and sense of ethics has left a lasting impact on our team and the company.

Our deepest condolences go to his wife, his children, and his family.

We will always keep Stefan in our warmest memories.

CelsiusPro AG

Mark Rüegg


Dr. Reet Kamal Tiwari (IIT Ropar), Shri Jagjit Singh Kochar (KBK), Shri Devendra Kaushik (KBK), Sebastian Glink (CelsiusPro) sign the MoU.

  • The consortium will provide crop yield modelling throughout the globe.
  • IIT Ropar will provide all remote sensing-based data inputs, parameters and will develop machine learning models using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for crop yield prediction and estimation in India.
  • IIT Ropar will provide field data about the soil health parameters, soil type, land parcel boundary and would develop a mobile app for use by farmers to store and send crop and soil-related on-ground data.
  • CelsiusPro will set up a front-to-back platform from pricing, policy management and settlement to climate and NatCat monitoring for enabling seamless settlement of Claims Under various Fasal Bima Yojna.
  • IIT will Set-Up and do the operation of Crop Yield Estimation System on village/block level in India which will be used by CelsiusPro as Input for the platform for the monitoring, estimation and calculation of loss based on average yield forecast at farmland parcel-level.

Link to full article.

The writing is on the wall – for the first time, environmental and climate change-related risks occupy the top five spots in the Global Risks Report 2020, issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

 The last five years are on track to be the warmest on record, natural disasters are becoming more intense and more frequent, and last year witnessed unprecedented extreme weather throughout the world. Climate change is progressing more rapidly than many expected – a fact that is reflected in the WEF Global Risks Report 2020.

Link to full article.

CelsiusPro contributes to the HSG (University of St. Gallen) insurance magazine in the latest edition about climate change with an article.

Lea Müller, Head of Consulting and Sebastian Glink, Head of Business Development and Technology wrote the article “Insurance helps Protecting Communities and Businesses from Extrem Events”. It can be  found in the latest edition of the St. Gallen trend monitor for risk and financial markets.

Read the entire article here.





Many Asian economies are agrarian, and livelihoods are intricately linked to the agriculture segment which again is heavily dependent on the weather. With the weather playing truant we look at how technology can deal with some of the challenges the segment faces in the region.

Sebastian Glink, Director Business Development & Technology at CelsiusPro believes that there are multiple elements where technology could help. Read the entire article in the September 2019 issue of the Asia Insurance Review Magazine.





ISF and Frankfurt School support the development of drought insurance for smallholder farmers in South Africa – CelsiusPro leads the technical implementation

Adam Maniki Rakgalakane, Professor Dr Nils Stieglitz and Mark Rueegg sign the funding agreement

Adam Maniki Rakgalakane, Professor Dr Nils Stieglitz and Mark Rueegg sign the funding agreement

To improve access to agricultural insurance for smallholder farmers, the InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF) represented by its management, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, South African Land Bank Insurance Company and CelsiusPro have signed a grant funding agreement. This grant – the first provided by ISF since its commencement of operation in 2019 – will serve to co-fund the development and market introduction of an innovative index-based insurance for crop and livestock for smallholder farmers in South Africa.

Link to full article on Frankfurt School Website

Link to full article on KfW Website

More about InsuResilience Solutions Fund

CelsiusPro expands its consulting services – Lea Mueller is appointed as the new head of consulting

CelsiusPro strengthens its consulting team with Ms. Lea Mueller and expands its advisory services. As an expert in the field of climate change adaptation strategies, Lea will complete the company’s offerings to provide end-to-end services and solutions for climate insurance to public institutions and private companies.

Link to full article

InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) is proud sponsor of ILO’s 2019’s Impact Insurance Academy. The weeklong training took place in Turin, Italy. IIF sponsored the participation of eight IIF investees from across the continents: Ecuador, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Israel, Armenia, Pakistan, India. More than 60 Academy participants assisted on lectures and elective courses on insurance. IIF’s chair Stefan Hirche, CelsiusPro’s Alban Desnos and Blue Orchard’s Veronika Giusti-Keller jointly presented on “Impact Insurance for Climate Change Adaptation”. Blue Orchard’s Ernesto Costa introduced IIF fund during the Investors’ Roundtable. At the end of the Academy, Stefan Hirche presided a diner for all IIF investees participating in the Academy – a nice occasion to network and share experience amongst IIF investees.

Testimonies from IIF participants:

Ndumiso Mpofu, Programme Director: Agricultural Finance, VisionFund International
“My biggest take home was digitization as an enabler for scaling up. We have been discussing digitization in my organisation, but it was encouraging to see how others have already implemented and realized results from digitization. A second take home was on the need to get the product right before scaling. We need to understand the local context and ensure that our product responds to the local context.”

Chukwuma Kalu, Head, Agribusiness & Business Development, Royal Exchange General Insurance Company Ltd.
“It was a very insightful workshop and participants were well exposed to opportunities in the Emerging Customer/Insurance resilience landscape.”


About the InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF):

The InsuResilience Investment Fund, formerly known as Climate Insurance Fund, is an initiative created by KfW, the German Development Bank, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The overall objective of the InsuResilience Investment Fund is to contribute to the adaptation to climate change by improving access to and the use of insurance in developing countries. The specific objective of the fund is to reduce the vulnerability of poor and vulnerable households as well as micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) to extreme weather events.

The InsuResilience Investment Fund has been set up as a public-private-partnership. It combines Private Debt and Private Equity investments in two separately investible Sub-Funds, open for private investors from July 1, 2017. Technical assistance and premium support facilities complement the IIF and are separately funded by BMZ.

Visit IIF on www.insuresilienceinvestment.fund

About CelsiusPro:

Swiss Insurtech company CelsiusPro specializes in providing parametric insurance solutions to mitigate the risks of adverse weather and natural disasters. CelsiusPro’s consulting services include feasibility studies, product design, insurance scheme design, individual risk assessments, process digitalization and education services.

A parametric drought and livestock insurance programme in Kenya that leverages data from satellites have helped farmers cope with the impact of extreme weather conditions. While still in its infancy, the model could be replicated across the world to protect small- scale farmers, says Sebastian Glink, Director Business Development and Technology at CelsiusPro in a guest article of the Middle East Insurance Review. Read more.



Next to the guest article CelsiusPro contributed to the cover story “Climate risk – Insuring a highly volatile future” with data and maps about rainfall distribution across the MENA region:

Big data enables insurers to quantify risk, design and price insurance products and validate and settle claims. CelsiusPro Director Business Development and Technology Sebastian Glink offers some insights in a guest article of the Asia Insurance Review Magazine.

Big data, machine learning, AI and the internet of things are buzz phrases that are becoming increasingly relevant in the insurance industry. However the industry is only slowly warming up to these trends. In the areas of climate, agricultural and natural catastrophe risk particularly, big data and analytics can help insurers when it comes to product design, operational efficiency and underwriting results.
Environmental monitoring systems (EMS) play an important role in converting big data into relevant information for insurers. The global availability of (satellite) data with growing historical time series can bring plenty of opportunities for those insurers who are ready to use them systematically to move to the next level. Read more….

CelsiusPro is delighted to talk about Insurtech for the Indian PMFBY scheme at the 5th Asia Agriculture Insurance conference in New Delhi 20-21 September. 

The PMFBY Portfolio Pricer is a web-based tool for (re)insurers to effectively and efficiently calculate loss costs for the tender of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) agricultural insurance scheme. The easy-to-use tool enables local insurers to consistently price any crop insurance for the PMFBY. The Pricer handles up to 10 crores burning cost calculations within seconds and allows full flexibility in setting or changing model parameters and loadings. 

You can find more details on the Pricer in the Press Release on our homepage and the exact schedule of our speaking slot within the Program of the 5th Asia Agriculture Insurance Conference.

For further information please contact: info@celsiuspro.com



The InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) has initiated the development of a new set of rainfall data for Latin America to address the region’s specific climatic challenges.

The new data set will serve as the basis for the introduction of parametric insurance for a better management of agriculture risks throughout the continent. CelsiusPro acts as the Technical Assistance Facility Manager of the IIF.

Link to full article

CelsiusPro manages technical assistance for national agricultural insurance scheme in Armenia

To address the risks related to climate change and adverse weather, private and public partnerships can fill the void of agricultural insurance. CelsiusPro’s consultancy services and expertise in technical assistance play an important role for the implementation of agricultural insurance in Armenia.

Link to full article

CelsiusPro’s products help to mitigate NatCat risks

The World Economic Forum (WEF) analyzed the most pressing global risks and declared extreme weather events to be the most serious peril in the global risk landscape. This – and the effects of climate change in general ­– presents insurers with great challenges. CelsiusPro offers products to insurers that help to mitigate these risks.

Link to full article

Watch CelsiusPro’s Katarina Baricova talk about InsuResilience Investment Fund and it’s role in closing the insurance protectiongap

CelsiusPro as Technical Assistance Facility manager of the InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) attended recently a conference on index-based insurance organized by GIIF in Dakar. Watch our Katarina Baricova talk about IIF, index-based insurance and closing the protection gap.

Press Release
CelsiusPro launches new Crop Insurance Pricer for India

CelsiusPro introduces the new PMFBY Portfolio Pricer, a highly efficient pricing tool for the PMFBY insurance scheme in India. The PMFBY crop insurance scheme was initiated by Prime Minister Modi in 2016. The easy-to-use tool enables local insurers to consistently price any crop insurance for the PMFBY.

Link to full article

Press Release
World Bank Group and CelsiusPro Partner to Expand Access to Finance for Ukrainian Farmers by Innovative Agri Insurance Product

The World Bank Group and CelsiusPro AG have partnered to make agricultural insurance in Ukraine more affordable for smaller companies, expanding farmers’ access to financial services and helping boost agricultural productivity.
Link to full Article

Press Release
Launch of unprecedented Climate Insurance Fund aiming to improve the resilience of the world’s poor to extreme weather events

BlueOrchard, partnering with CelsiusPro, is proud to announce its appointment as Fund Manager of the Climate Insurance Fund (CIF) after a rigorous international tender process. The mandate marks yet another innovation milestone for the impact investing pioneer. The Climate Insurance Fund is an unprecedented thematic fund designed to reduce the vulnerability of micro, small and medium enterprises as well as low-income households to weather-related threats.
Link to full Article

Press Release
CelsiusPro Australia wins Australian Insurance Industry Awards 2014 in Category Innovation

Weather risk management specialist ‎ CelsiusPro Pty Ltd has been awarded the Australian Insurance Industry Award for the category Innovation of the Year. Amongst other awards, the ANZIIF looks to recognize new products and companies in the market, which aim to bring change and innovation.
Link to full Article

Press Release
CelsiusPro nominated for Australian Insurance Innovation Awards 2014

CelsiusPro Pty Ltd has been shortlisted for an Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) Innovation Award for 2014. Amongst other awards, the ANZIIF looks to recognize new products and companies in the market, which aim to bring change and innovation.
Link to full Article

Drought Insurance for Ethiopian Farmers

The absence of rainfall during critical cropping times is one of the biggest risks to subsistence farmers in the Horn of Africa region. Droughts such as the 2011 East Africa Drought have threatened millions of livelihoods. In collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), CelsiusPro designs and structures weather index insurance for smallholder farmers to pay out in the event of rainfall deficit.
Link to full Article

Swiss Derivatives
OTC Weather Derivatives

Despite impressive advances in technology, nobody can control the weather. We can predict the weather shortterm, but cannot prevent it from happening. This frustrates many CFOs and shareholders of companies whose bottom line is impacted by weather. Since investors are looking for stable returns, weather derivatives were introduced more than a decade ago as risk management products to reduce financial risk associated with adverse or unseasonal weather conditions.
Link to full Article

Press Release
Stefan Lippe and Jürg Haller join CelsiusPro AG Board

The board of CelsiusPro welcomes Stefan Lippe and Jürg Haller as new board members. Mark Rueegg, founder and CEO of the firm announces that he stepped back from his Chairman position which is now held by Stefan Lippe. Juerg Haller joins as non-executive board member. The two new board members have extensive leadership experience at the largest Swiss reinsurance company Swiss Re and the largest Swiss bank UBS.
Link to full Article

50,000 Franken auf einen eisigen August

Ob zu feucht, zu trocken, zu heiss, zu kalt oder in den seltensten Fällen gerade richtig – das Wetter ist ein unverfängliches Thema für Gespräche mit Arbeitskollegen und Zugbekanntschaften. Für Unternehmen kann die falsche Wetterlage aber drastische Folgen haben.
Link to full Article

Finanz und Wirtschaft
Wetterderivate zur Existenzsicherung

Wetterzertifikate für Kleinstbauern – CelsiusPro liefert das nötige Know-how. Das äthiopische Landwirtschaftsministerium hat mit Japans International Cooperation Agency (JICA), einer Entwicklungsorganisation, nach einer Lösung gesucht: Swiss Re und Celsius Pro wurden angefragt, die notwendige Informationsinfrastruktur zu liefern, um das Projekt realisieren zu können.
Link to full Article

23.01.2013 Insurance Times
Aon launches weather insurance product

Aon Benfield has launched a new weather reinsurance product to protect insurers against adverse weather losses in the UK, Global Reinsurance can reveal. The index-based cover, named WExcess, has been developed in partnership with Swiss Re and weather risk management expert CelsiusPro.
Link to full Article

Aon Benfield
WExcess reinsurance product helps insurers mitigate severe weather losses

Aon Benfield, the global reinsurance intermediary and capital advisor of Aon plc (NYSE:AON), today announces the launch of its new weather reinsurance product that offers insurers protection against adverse weather losses in the UK.
Link to full Article

16.11.2012 Financial Times
How to . . . make money from the weather

The ravaging of the east coast of the US by Hurricane Sandy last month highlighted the devastating impact of weather-related disasters. In addition to leaving more than 100 people dead, the storm is expected to rank among the eight costliest in the US, with estimated costs to insurers of between $10bn-$20bn.
Link to full Article

Country Leader

Weather risk in the wind

A leading economist and weather risk expert says farmers in many parts of Australia will suffer from drier weather conditions forecast to last until October if they don’t take steps to protect themselves. Rural economies and food prices are expected to suffer as a consequence.

Link to full Article

The Yea Chronicle
Take steps to protect in drier months

Nationally recognized economist and media commentator Jonathan Barratt, CEO of online weather assurance broker CelsiusPro Australia, Australia’s first provider of weather certificates explained that adverse weather conditions have this year cost the Australian agricultural market hundreds of millions on lost production and undercapacity.
Link to full Article

The Murray Pioneer
Local farmer’s weather fallback

…“With a drier period forecasted for south-east, central and north-eastern Australia, and central WA up to October, weather volatility is on the increase,” Mr Barratt said. “Any losses on the farm have a flow-on effect downstream to the whole rural economy, and to consumers buying groceries in supermarkets. “In the coming months, corn, soy and wheat are all expected to see local price increases due to the US drought.
Link to full Article

CelsiusPro Medienmitteilung
Wetterversicherung: CelsiusPro & Allianz Global Assistance lassen Urlauber nicht im Regen stehen

Der Schweizer Wetterrisikomanagement Spezialist CelsiusPro AG und der Versicherungsanbieter Allianz Global Assistance starten eine Partnerschaft damit Urlauber nicht mehr im Regen stehen. Mittels einer Wetterversicherung erhalten Reisende eine Auszahlung für Regentage am Urlaubsort.
Link to full Press Release

Allianz Global Risk Press Release
ELVIA Wetterversicherung – Ein Regenschirm fürs Ferien-geld

Mit ihrem neuesten Produkt, der ELVIA Wetterversicherung, bietet Allianz Global As-sistance in Zusammenarbeit mit CelsiusPro ab sofort Schutz vor schlechtem Ferien-wetter. Dem Versicherungsnehmer werden ab dem zweiten Regentag 100 Franken für jeden Tag schlechtes Wetter erstattet.
Link to full Press Release

WRMA press release
WRMA appoints new officers and board members for 2012-2013

The Weather Risk Management Association (WRMA) has appointed a new Board of Directors and elected officers to lead and counsel the organization in 2012 and 2013. Elected for two-year terms to the Board of Directors were Richard Betts of E.ON; Jens Boening of EDF Trading; Marty Malinow of Galileo; Mark Rueegg of CelsiusPro; Dan Tomlinson of Allianz and David Whitehead of Speedwell.

Link to full Article

Business Reporter, Sunday Telegraph
Cloudy with a chance of loss

Weather derivatives are an increasingly popular way for businesses to insure against bad weather and limit the effect on revenue. Despite impressive advances in technology, nobody can control the weather. We can predict the weather short-term, but cannot prevent it from happening. This frustrates many business owners for whom the weather plays a major role in determining revenue.

Link to full Article

Creativity and Innovation Management
Towards Systematic Business Model Innovation: Lessons from Product Innovation Management

Although business model innovations are decisive for a company’s long-term success or failure, they are still poorly understood compared to product innovations. Thus, their execution is imperfectly supported, and their organizational accountability is insufficiently regulated. In this paper, we systematically investigate similarities and differences between product and business model innovation to assess the potential of transferring insights and best practices.

Link to full Article

Materials Risk
Weather risk: Mother Nature is a hot commodity

Around a quarter of the annual economic output of the US, 37% of Germany and 45% of China is sensitive to the weather (see report). The profitability and revenues of virtually every business, from agriculture to energy and entertainment to construction, business survival and prosperity pivots to a greater of less extent on the vagaries of temperature, rainfall and wind. As climate change results in increasingly varied and extreme weather we explore what options are open to businesses (large and small) to manage this important and rising risk.

Link to full Article / Link to Materials Risk website

IE Magazine: The business of international events
Come rain, come shine?

Unless you’re a James Bond villain, nobody can control the weather. We all know that the success of many events, especially if outdoors, highly depends on favorable weather conditions. It seems that organizers can only hope for the best, but aren’t there more professional solutions to control weather risk than keeping your fingers crossed and praying for some sun?

Link to full Article
Link to IE magazine online

Financial Advisor
When mother nature strikes

Day to day, season by season, weather changes can impact a company’s bottom line. And it need not be a calamity like Japan’s Fukushima disaster. A retailer selling coats is at risk if the winter turns out warmer than usual. An unusually cold winter can affect shopping centers if management contracted for, say, ten snow removals when 25 were needed.

Link to full Article
Link to online Article

The Economist
Weather derivatives: Come rain or shine

WEARING lots of layers and a decent waterproof coat is one way to guard against changeable weather. Firms facing losses because of a big freeze or baking sun do not have that option. Insurance companies have long offered cover against flooding, hurricanes and other catastrophes. For less calamitous changes in the weather, derivatives are a better option.

Link to full Article

Welt Online
Klamme Kommunen wetten auf Wintertemperaturen

Deutschland zittert und bibbert. Das weckt Erinnerungen an die vergangenen beiden Winter, als Schnee und Frost in vielen Städten und Kommunen die Salzdepots leer räumten und die Kosten für den Winterdienst explodierten. Das war in Großbritannien ähnlich: Einige Kommunen gaben mehr als doppelt so viel wie ursprünglich geplant für ihren Winterdienst aus.

Link to full Article

Boer en Business
Goed beschermd tegen weerextremen

Akkerbouwer Kees Deijkers: Met zijn weersverzekering voor regenoverlast stopt hij. Nadat de akkerbouwer met zijn weersverzekering wederom buiten de criteria voor schade valt, zoekt hij een andere manier om de schade te compenseren. Hij sluit dit jaar op www.weerrisico.nl een regencertificaat af.
Link to full Article

The Guardian
Hedging on roads: councils bet on icy weather

As Britain prepares this weekend for a Siberian blast, councils across the country will be anxiously checking their betting slips. The increasing cost of keeping roads open during harsh winter weather has forced councils to make spread bets to offset the risk of big financial losses. Weather derivatives – financial contracts that pay out in cases of extreme weather – are being actively tested by councils across the country.

Link to full Article

Jan/Feb 2012 CNBC Business
Stratospheric profits

From farmers to fashion houses, from advertisers to airlines, weather affects the bottom line of numerous industries worldwide. Indeed, more than a third of US economic growth is linked to weather conditions, according to figures from the Department of Commerce. A colder-than-expected winter, say, will directly impact how much fuel will be burnt to heat homes, how fast crops will grow and how much consumers will spend on goods.

Link to full Article

De Actuaris
Weerderivaten als bescherming tegen tegenvallende resultaten

In het vorige nummer van de Actuaris konden we lezen dat goede weersvoorspellingen commerciële waarde hebben en dat er steeds meer nieuwe toepassingen voor weermodellen gevonden worden. Met dit nog in ons achterhoofd, bedachten we op de redactie dat het interessant zou zijn om het weer vanuit een financiële invalshoek te benaderen en zo kwamen we terecht bij CelsiusPro, een bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in de verkoop van individuele weercertificaten.

Link to full Article

Schneekanonen statt Schneeversicherung

Auf Schneefall gibt es keine Garantie, dafür Versicherungen. Die Skigebiete vertrauen aber lieber auf Kunstschnee. Diverse Bergbahnen und Hoteliers versuchten sich zwar in den letzten Jahren mit Spezialangeboten und Geldzurück-Garantien gegen allfällige Wetterkapriolen abzusichern – aber vor allem im Sommer. Das Risiko «Schneemangel» klammern sie aus, sehr zum Erstaunen des Zürcher Wetterversicherers Celsius Pro.

Link to full Article

CelsiusPro Medienmitteilung
Zusammenarbeit mit Construction Industry Federation Irland

Mittels der Partnerschaft mit CelsiusPro möchte der Irischen Bauverband CIF seine Mitglieder aktiv unterstützen, finanzielle Schwierigkeiten bedingt durch ungünstige Wetterlagen zu bewältigen. Nach Kollaborationen mit dem holländischen Bauverband Bouwend Nederland und dem britischen Bauverband „Federation on Master Builders“ ist dies für CelsiusPro bereits die dritte Partnerschaft dieser Art.

Link to full Article

CelsiusPro Press Release
Collaboration with Construction Industry Federation Ireland

CelsiusPro announces its partnership with the Irish association “Construction Industry Federation”. Through this collaboration CIF will promote weather certificates such as Frost Day and Rain Day certificates to construction companies. For CelsiusPro this is the third collaboration of this kind after having launched two successful partnerships with Bouwend Nederland and Federation of Master Builders, UK.

Link to full Article

NZZ – Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Trost in bar bei Regen

Ist der Frühling zu kalt, kaufen die Zürcher weniger Schuhe. Der Zusammenhang zwischen der Aussentemperatur und den Umsätzen mit Fussbekleidung ist statistisch belegbar, behauptet Mark Rüegg. Bei der Stukturierte-Produkte-Messe zeigt der CEO von CelsiusPro, wie sich Unternehmen gegen die Launen des Wetters absichern können.

Link to full Article

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
CelsiusPro, eWeatherRisk fire up market for weather contracts

Unlike many Midwesterners, Mike Betts loves deep snow. A Thanksgiving blizzard? Bring it on. A foot for April Fool’s Day? Perfect. His company, With a Grain of Salt, sells de-icing compounds, which means one of Betts’s worst nightmares isn’t too much snow but too little.

Link to full Article

Financial Management
Weather permitting…

Forecasting the future for businesses – What’s the best weather for selling chocolate? Earlier this year Thorntons, which had 369 UK shops before an announced programme of closures, said the unseasonably warm weather in the run-up to Easter had hit sales and would cut the company’s full-year profits. So not hot, then. But back in February the company complained that the freezing temperatures and heavy snow last December meant delivery lorries couldn’t get through to the shops. Yuletide sales were down by £3.5m. So not cold either.

Link to full Article

CelsiusPro Medienmitteillung
Partnerschaft mit Britischem Bauverband

Der Zürcher Wetterriskomanagementspezialist CelsiusPro AG kündigt seine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Britischen Bauverband „Federation of Master Builders“ an. Der grösste britische Handelsverband der Bauindustrie promotet nun massgeschneiderte Wetterzertifikate zur Absicherung gegen Frosttage- und Regentage für englische Bauunternehmen.

Link to full Press Release

CelsiusPro Press Release
Launching partnership with British Construction Association

CelsiusPro AG, the Swiss-based weather risk management specialist, is to launch its newest partnership with Federation of Master Builders – the British construction association. The UK’s largest trade association within the construction industry promotes weather certificates to construction companies who can now purchase tailored weather certificates such as Frost Day and Rain Day Certificates.

Link to full Press Release

Insurance Times
Swiss Re, Aon Ben and NRWB make risk weather product

Swiss Re, Aon Benfield Securities and The National Register of Warranted Builders (NRWB) have made a risk management product that pays Federation of Master Builder members if severe frost and rain stops building work. The product, also developed by weather risk management firm CelsiusPro, was made after recent extreme weather events stopped FMB members from working and lost them money.

Link to full Article

Blacksocks Press Release
BLACKSOCKS Schönwettergarantie: Die erste Sommerhälfte war lausig

BLACKSOCKS versprach einen schönen Sommer und pries Socken mit Schönwettergarantie an. Regnet es mehr als vereinbart, erhält der Kunde sein Geld zurück. Nach der Halbzeit zeigt sich nun: Das Wetter war lausig. Geht es mit dem nassen Wetter so weiter, können sich die meisten Kunden, die mit ihren Socken eine Schönwettergarantie gekauft haben, über Gratis-Socken freuen.

Link to full Article

Der Bund
Versicherung gegen Petrus’ Launen

Regen, Regen, nichts als Regen &endash Petrus hat den Kanton Bern in den letzten Tagen nicht gerade verwöhnt. Die für den Juli ungewöhnlich kühle und nasse Witterung schlägt sich mittlerweile auf die Besucherzahlen der Freilicht-Kulturveranstaltungen nieder.

Link to full Article

Das Forum für Schweizer Wirtschaftspolitik (batz.ch)
Schlechtes Wetter gehört NICHT dem Staat

Monika Buetler – In meiner letzten NZZ Kolumne “Schlechtes Wetter gehört dem Staat” habe ich geschrieben, dass bei Umwelt- und Wetterrisiken immer mehr der Staat die Schäden berappen soll. Selbstverständlich ohne dass für diese Versicherung Prämien bezahlt würden.

Link to full Article

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