Insurance Digitalization

Our platform is your platform. Maximize efficiency, minimize costs and cut time to market.

The cloud-based software solution enables insurers to accelerate the digitalization of traditional insurance offerings and to introduce weather and yield index as well as parametric NatCat insurance schemes. It allows insurers to serve all client segments at low operational costs and to efficiently handle large-scale product distribution and management.

• Customized white label platform
• Modular system architecture
• Seamless front to back processes
• Automated pricing and policy management
• Real-time reporting and audit trail

Weather Index and Agriculture Insurance

Protect your business against losses due to adverse weather.

Companies of weather dependent industries such as construction, energy, tourism, transportation, agriculture, retail and wholesale suffer significant losses as a result to adverse weather. Our parametric insurance solutions are based on data provided by independent third-party agencies such as official weather stations or satellites. The payout is linked to reported data, e.g. rainfall, and does not require a proof of loss.

• Standardized index products for weather and yield
• Globally available for all reported weather parameters
• Automatic payout, no need to file a claim
• Solutions for all weather dependent industries

Parametric Nat Cat Insurance

Get immediate emergency cash after a natural disaster.

In the wake of natural catastrophes, immediate help is crucial for the survival and future economic prosperity of people and businesses in affected areas. Emergency payments are distributed within days based on modeled wind speed (and precipitation) for storms or on peak spectral acceleration (PSA) and peak ground acceleration (PGA) of an earthquake at the location of the insured.

• Global parametric solutions for earthquake and tropical cyclone risks
• Trigger based on the intensity of the natural catastrophes
• No need to file a claim
• Payout takes place within days and can be used for all purposes

Environmental Monitoring System

All relevant global datasets at your fingertip.

The EMS serves the growing need to better understand and manage climate related risks and opportunities. The system allows analysts, risk managers and claims officers to access, analyze, visualize and download climate, vegetation and Nat Cat data from different providers on one single platform. Automated reports can be customized to visually summarize the data and provide a global risk overview.

• Easy data access via online frontend or technical interface
• Data aggregation on all administrative hierarchy levels
• Monitoring of current conditions vs climatology for anomaly detection
• Customized automated reporting including alert function
• Crop Yield Forecast for most important crops on different admin units
• Data import and export in different formats like csv or shapefiles

Claims Monitoring

Reduce cost and speed for claims.

The automatization of the claims settlement of indemnity-based products significantly reduces processing time. In affected areas, small losses are accepted and paid based on environmental data and sample checks. Traditional loss assessments are only carried out in larger claims.

• Claim validation through location-specific climate data
• Minimized and automated claims process for fast payouts
• Event footprint analysis within days including GIS shape files
• Calculation of expected loss of insurance portfolios

Consulting Services

Understand your risk. Identify the best risk mitigation strategy.

We provide comprehensive and solution-oriented consultancy services for single risks as well as micro, meso and macro insurance schemes. Our expertise allows us to cover the entire value chain from identifying the insurance gap, risk analysis, product design, pricing, distribution to education and risk transfer.

• Risk analysis and feasibility studies
• Structuring of risk transfer products
• Design of country-wide schemes and industry solutions
• Education services

Climate Risk Insights and Solutions (CRIS)

Understand your physical climate-related financial risk and prepare for TCFD reporting.

We provide targeted company and portfolio-specific insights into physical climate risk and adaptation recommendations to our corporate and financial sector clients to develop a strategy for financial climate resilience. Our services include the provision of a climate risk analysis that assesses both the current and future state (scenario analysis) of physical climate risk spanning single assets, large portfolios and supply chains. Our output is aligned to TCFD recommendations and is backed by scientific metrics.

• Investigation of current climate risk
• Identification of company assets that are impacted by climate change
• Scenario analysis of risk development for RCP 2.6, RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5
• Adaptation pathway analysis and benchmarking
• Actionable recommendations and opportunities
• Support on development of corporate climate strategy to mitigate physical climate risk