August 20, 2014
CelsiusPro Australia wins Australian Insurance Industry Awards 2014 in Category Innovation Weather risk management specialist

CelsiusPro Pty Ltd has been awarded the Australian Insurance Industry Award for the category Innovation of the Year. Amongst other awards, the ANZIIF looks to recognize new products and companies in the market, which aim to bring change and innovation.

CelsiusPro Pty Ltd, founded in 2012 in coll - structures and originates weather certificates to help businesses protect themselves against financial risks due to adverse weather. Solutions offered by CelsiusPro may be anything from standard covers covering one weather parameter, livestock insurance to highly advanced remote sensing and satellite based products and tactical decision making advice, helping farmers making the right choices at the right time whilst also protecting their wealth. Payouts are made automatically when defined parameters are met. The flexible and transparent solutions have since been proving to be extremely helpful in the Australian farming community. Weather is the no. 1 influencer in agricultural. Jonathan Barratt, Director: "Farmers are affected by the increasing weather variability in the light of climate change and of course Australia is known to be subject to very extreme weather events such as El Nino. Our farmers have started incorporating weather certificates into their standard risk management solutions and I suggest the demand to signficantly increase”.

Whist farmers are currently one of CelsiusPro Australia's core clients, the business is not limited to the agricultural sector says Barratt "Our solutions are highly flexible and are used by a vast range of clients in the construction, retail, transport, energy, leisure and events sector. Put in a very simple example: Leisure parks and open-air events will see a decrease in visitors when it is particularly rainy and cattle farmers will have increased forage costs when vegetation is low! The number of ways in which businesses are affected by adverse weather is vast and we help them all to be suitably protected by tailoring solutions to their individual needs”