Broadacre Solutions


Your Problem – Lack of moisture over the crucial germination and emergence period in the life cycle of the plant is critical for a profitable cropping season. If the seed fails to geminate and follow up rain doesn’t arrive on time the plant will die.

Our Solution – Through our parametric Emergence solutions below growers can hedge this risk.

  • Emergence Weather Certificate – A solution that covers the cost of seed and fertilizer due to the lack of germinating and establishment rain.
  • Emergence Plus Weather Certificate – A solution that covers a longer risk period and is used to insure additional costs incurred during the season due to rainfall deficits. Have a read of this article to learn more.

Frost Assist

Your Problem – Frost during anthesis can be devastating for the plant. Whether it is a Frost Burn or a Stem Frost it can be equally devastating and costly. By looking at our Frost Aid solution growers can transfer this temperature risk to market via a carefully placed parametric hedge that covers the effects that frost has on production.

Our Solution
Frost Aid Weather Certificate – A solution that covers a three to four-week risk period during the time the plant is most susceptible to Frost.

Contract washout

Your Problem – Sometimes crop conditions during the first half of the season are ideal and with lucrative prices producers are tempted to forward sell production. If the second half of the season is not favourable and the conditions precedent on the forward sale cannot be meet then the grower is faced with the costs of washing out the contract. Recovery of this cost can be managed by our Wash Out Protection parametric solutions.

Our Solution
Wash Out Protection Weather Certificate – A solution that covers the remaining part of the season for excess or deficit rainfall.

Spring Rainfall Deficits

Your Problem – Spring is an important time for the crop. Spring rain during the grain filling period can help to finish the crop ready for harvest. The lack of spring rain during this period can have a detrimental effect on yield.

Our Solution – If conditions are forecasted to be dry growers can adopt our Yield Shield structure to help transfer this risk.
Yield Shield Weather Certificate – A solution that covers the remaining part of the season should rainfall deficit conditions persist.


Your Problem – Harvest represents the final part of the crop cycle. It can make or break the season. Significant rainfall over this period can cause unwanted downgrades that can be costly.

Our Solution – Using our Harvest Aid structure growers can transfer this risk to the market.
Harvest Aid Weather Certificate – A solution that covers down grades at harvest time.