Agricultural Solutions

Broadacre Solutions

Like any agricultural activity the risks associated with production in Broadacre crops are predominantly found with adverse weather conditions. Lack of rain, or low/high temperatures during the cropping cycle can all have a profound effect on the production and hence profitability of the crop.
CelsiusPro can assist in delivering hedge solutions to corporations and farmers looking to transfer adverse weather risks away from their balance sheet and into the market.

Livestock Solutions

Successfully managing livestock requires the best use of the pastures grown, and the frequency and intensity with which livestock graze pasture. Utilizing our extensive weather and climate database enables managers to adopt parametric risk transfer solutions that are based on weather stations or satellite data. Solutions involving:

  • The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) which is an indicator that uses the visible and near-infrared bands of the electromagnetic spectrum measured by satellites to assess the liveliness of vegetation.
  • Parametric risk transfer solutions that cover the mortality rates.


By utilizing our extensive environmental data, horticulturists can successfully adapt to increasing pressures from climate change. By adopting precision farming methods with weather risk transfer solutions Horticulturists can develop strategies that can be both pre-emptive and reactive.